Winter is the peak season for domestic burglaries across the UK. The early onset of darkness is a confidence-booster for many thieves, they also know that people’s social calendars become generally busier during the winter months, and that many homes will therefore be left vacant for full evenings or for even longer periods of time.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of security measures you can take to discourage burglars from targeting your North London home during the winter months, and in this article we will list the essentials.

Install motion-sensor security lighting outside your North London home

Bright, motion-sensor lighting will illuminate anybody who approaches your home after dark. This is a simple and cost-effective security measure that will be enough to deter most prospective thieves – because even the swiftest and most experienced of them dislike attention.

Implement automatic timers for your interior lights

Automatic timers for your lights and lamps will keep prospective thieves guessing. As long as you keep your blinds down and closed, they’ll have no way of knowing for sure whether you’re in or out, and for many of them this uncertainty is ample dissuasion.

Keep your garage and/or shed locked

Most of us keep a good mixture of valuables in our garages and sheds – from gardening equipment and power-tools to bicycles and household bits and pieces. Burglars know this, so you need to keep these items locked up securely at all times. You may wish to consider an automated garage door as these tend not to have external locks which are easily tampered with.

A visibly strong and modern garage door will deter burglars, because it tells them that forcing their way into your garage won’t be an easy or quiet task. Of course, this means you must also ensure that any other garage entry points – like side-doors and windows – are also firmly secured.

Have a burglar alarm fitted, with a prominent exterior box

A burglar alarm enhances your home’s security all year round, but it can be particularly effective during the winter months. The piercing noise of an alarm gives a burglar too much attention and too little time – even if the cover of darkness is partly concealing their identity.

The key point here is to make sure that your exterior alarm box is eye-catching and placed prominently at the front of your house, because this convinces most prospective burglars to not even bother targeting your home, and is one of the first things they look out for when canvassing individual houses.