Winter isn’t just the coldest season of the year, it also tends to be the most expensive. Pre-festive parties, Christmas shopping, and New Year celebrations, add to this the cost of heating your North London home it can give your bank account a serious battering.

If you are feeling the financial squeeze this Winter try our top energy saving tips which will in turn save you money:

Invest in new windows and doors. You may think this is a large investment for money saving, much of the heat loss that occurs in UK households is caused by the lack of thermal efficiency provided by the windows and doors in the house. How do people try and compensate for this? By cranking up their heating further, causing the cost of fuel bills to rise unnecessarily. You won’t need to do this when you have contemporary windows and doors fitted as they offer exceptional thermal efficiency and keep costs down. With new UPVC and Aluminium windows expected to last 20+ years, you can expect to save a huge amount of money over that time.

Turn off lights. When walking into some houses you’re greeted with something similar to Blackpool illumination as there are that many lights switched on when they really needn’t be. Turn off the lights in any rooms that aren’t being used, sounds simple but you’d be surprised how many people don’t. Substitute conventional lighting in the living room for candles and tea lights to create a tranquil and warm ambience.

Keep internal doors closed. Keeping doors closed within the house will trap heat in each room and mean you use less energy trying to warm up your house. To keep the room even cosier, use a thick mat to block the heat from escaping through the gap underneath the door.

Keep consistent with your heating. Having your heating at a consistent low, rather than continuously turning it on and off, can actually save energy. This is because your boiler uses a lot of energy trying to warm to a high heat after being cold, then energy is wasted when it gets too hot and needs to be cooled again.

Drop the pressure. Power showers use a lot of water, sometimes even more than running a bath. As you can imagine, this costs a lot of money and uses a lot of energy to heat. Try fitting a water efficient shower head and you’ll make significant savings.

Don’t block heat. Blocking the radiator with items like sofas is not energy efficient – as it means heat is absorbed by the item in front and the room will ultimately stay much colder.

Insulate. Heat rises, so by insulating your attic, you’ll trap heat inside the home saving over £100 pounds a year. Cavity wall insulation would also cut back your heating bills significantly.

Draft Proof. For windows, try sticking draft proofing strips (made from either foam, plastic or metal) around the frame. Letterbox brushes and purpose made keyhole covers will stop the chill coming in through the front door.

If you are looking for help and advice on how to save money in your North London home this Winter then get in touch with Houze Builders for a no obligation quote.