There is nothing more uncomfortable during winter or summer than having windows that can’t open or that are so cracked, damaged and poorly sealed that they let the outside air into your North London home. The question that most North London homeowners have when faced with this problem: repair or replace windows?

Purchasing brand new windows can be a costly investment but repairs might bring more problems down the road that can lead to more repair work. So how do you know if it’s time to replace or repair?

Knowing when it’s time to replace your windows isn’t always going to be obvious. However, there are a few things to look out for that may signify it’s time for your old windows to go and new ones to take their place.

Are Your Windows Difficult to Use?

General rule of thumb is if your windows are not operating smoothly, this is a sign that they are passed their prime and need to go. If you are struggling to open and close your windows or they have a hard time staying open on their own, it’s time to replace.

Are Your Windows Single Paned?

Single paned windows are windows that consist of only a single pane of glass and most older homes come with these types of windows. Single paned windows can make the insulation of your home difficult.  Since insulating your home is more difficult, you are using excess energy to heat and cool it when applicable. This makes your heating and cooling bills higher than average. Double or triple paned replacement windows are the solution to inefficient single paned windows. You’ll automatically notice a difference in how your new windows keep your heat in your home when it’s cold out and vice versa during the hot months. As a result of better insulation, you will be saving on your energy bill and your home will be more comfortable all year round.

Are Your Windows Falling Apart?

The most obvious sign that you need to replace your windows is if they are rotting and falling apart right before your eyes. Not only is this dangerous and should be taken care of right away, but it is also a huge eye sore and can make the inside and outside of your home look unappealing. Replace any windows that are rotting and falling apart immediately. There are windows available on the market that are long lasting and almost maintenance free.

It’s important to know that window replacement may not always be the way to go. There are times when doing repair work to your windows will be just as effective. Not only will you have properly working windows again, but you will save money going with repair over replacement.

Do You Have Any Cracked or Broken Window Glass?

If the panes of your window are cracked or broken, there is no need to replace the full window. It’s also important to mention that if you have double or triple paned windows and only one pane is broken, you can replace that specific piece of glass. It is not necessary to replace all of the panes if they are intact.

Are All Window Parts Working Correctly?

Have you noticed that the crank on your casement window won’t crank anymore? Or that the lock on one of your windows won’t work? Not only is it dangerous to have a window that cannot open or lock, but they are a pain to deal with on a daily basis.

The solution here isn’t necessarily to replace the entire window, but to replace the part that is affected itself. This will be the cheapest option.

Is the Caulking or Weather Stripping Falling Apart?

When the caulking and weather stripping starts to come off of your window, it will affect the energy efficiency that it provides. Your house will be harder to heat in the winter and harder to cool in the summer. Since you might think the window is in bad shape, it might be tempting to replace the whole thing. The solution is just to replace the caulk and weather stripping that’s falling apart. The best option for caulking that’s falling apart is to replace it yourself. It’s affordable and a relatively easy process to get through.

Do Your Windows Have Fog in Between the Panes?

Have your windows ever developed a fog on the glass and wiping the inside and outside pane doesn’t seem to get rid of it? The reason it doesn’t go away is because the cloudiness has developed between the panes of glass, not on it. This is what happens when your window experiences seal failure. For the most part, double and triple pane windows do a great job at combating heat, cold, rain, wind and what have you. However, despite at how good these windows are at their job, there’s a good chance that at least one pane in your house full of windows will experience seal failure. This is especially common in more unpredictable climates.

Your first instinct might be to replace the whole window, but that is not necessary. You don’t have to take on an expensive window replacement project to get this fixed.  It is recommended to hire a specialist who can replace the affected pane and seal the window back up so it doesn’t experience the failure again. It’s a low cost option that will get the job done.

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