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Energy efficient doors & windows in your North London home

Unless your home is already glazed with energy efficient North London doors & windows, it will be losing heat, and that’s a fact. Energy efficient double glazing keeps your home warmer, and quieter. So you’ll save money, and live more comfortably. At Houze Builders, our customers comfortable living is high on our list of priorities.

Double glazed windows work by creating a barrier of insulation between the two panes. Their efficiency depends on how well they prevent heat escaping and how much sunlight they receive.

Houze Builders are not just double glazing installers, we are full home renovation specialists and interior designers in North London. This means we see your homes bigger picture. Houze specialises in high quality work and strong collaborative partnerships with architects, clients and craftsmen. We are committed to maintaining our high standards across all budget levels and schedules for North London doors & windows.

For more information, please call us on 07969 378 509 / 020 8458 7429. Alternatively you can contact us here for a free quote for North London Door & Window services.

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