Does your home require a loft extension to open more space or create another room? By utilising our experience team here at Houze Builders, you can achieve your aims. We have completed extensive loft conversion in North London for many of our clients, all of which have been extremely pleased with the end result.


Enhancing the floor space of your property has never been easier. Our loft conversions are extremely popular at present, mostly because they give you the freedom you want for your home. It not only improves the aesthetics of your home, but the value of the property.


Our North London loft conversions are ideal for increasing your living space without altering the shape of your building. It utilises your space which is normally unused and has potential for more use. We’ll be able to review the property structure and see if we can achieve your ambitions substantially and safely.


A good quality loft conversion will involve innovativeness and an eye for detail – everything needs to be able to function and work with any altered shape.


Along with our loft conversion, we can combine it with plumbing, electrical and interior decorating to help you with the full transformation.


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