Do you want to find a trustworthy company that can complete extensions in North London? Here at Houze Builders, we guarantee an efficient service where your extension can be completed quickly and effectively to suit you and your expectations. Whether you want to create more space for your home, increase its value or open more space, we’ll be able to help you.

We’ve complete an array of home extensions in North London and the surrounding area for all varieties of properties. Whether they’re new builds or traditional homes, we’ll be able to work with the surroundings, property’s structure and your expectations to complete the extension project. We provide high quality work with a strong collaboration with qualified architects, clients and craftsmen. Not only do we provide extensions, but we can complete many other house renovation projects.

When you’re considering getting a house extension, then you can always rely on our expertise here at Houze Builders. Whatever stage of the decision you’re at; whether that be considering the option or planning for your extension, we’ll be able to support you.

Find out more about the process of gaining permission for your house extension or the work involved with an extension in North London by browsing through our website.

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